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Legal Disclaimer here folks:  if it’s not your phone it is illegal.  It does fall under Federal wiretapping laws.  That being said, you should be aware of it in case you are a victim…

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Someone sued Google the other day for violating her privacy with the original implementation of Google Buzz. You see, when you first opened Google Buzz last week, Google looked at the people you most frequently email or chat with and used that list of people to seed your followers list. They made this list public too, which is apparently what got privacy advocates in an uproar.

Since then, Google has fixed the problem, but that hasn’t stopped lawyers for a woman named Eva Hibnick from filing a law suit. Critics have said that the privacy hole could have hurt people who were trying to hide certain information from public view. Here’s a bit of advice:

If you’re trying to hide information from public view, DON’T USE GMAIL!

Would a Journalist Really Talk to Sources on GTalk?

Apparently some journalists were upset because this “public” list outed some of their “confidential” sources. If you’re a journalist, maybe you should have had the good sense to follow my rule above, but if you insist on using Google to talk to your sources, maybe you should set up a dummy account to talk to them. Google accounts are free and simple enough to set up.

Same goes for cheating spouses. If you’re going to use a public channel like GMail to communicate with your lover, set up an account under an assumed name.

Is Google Blameless?

Google clearly could have given this more thought and implemented Buzz more elegantly than it did. They basically assumed everyone would hear about it, implemented it without telling users and didn’t give them a choice about how to keep their information private if they chose to use Buzz.

Google admitted on the BBC last Friday that they should have tested it more thoroughly than they did. Gee, you think? This is a company that kept GMail in beta for years before removing the label, yet force-feeds a tool like Google Buzz onto users without a Beta period or any warning for that matter?

Is Google Responsible?

Is Google ultimately responsible? They probably are, especially when they even admit they released the tool too soon, but individuals have to have some sense of personal responsibility (and common sense) too. If you have something to hide, maybe you should think twice about using the internet to conduct your business. If you are going to use Web 2.0 tools to communicate with people you would prefer the rest of the world didn’t know about, you have to recognize that much of this information is probably publicly available, or at the very least, is always in danger of being exposed.

So if you’re a journalist or law enforcement, a cheating spouse or a scammer, use Google tools at your own risk. Guess what? There is no privacy on the internet, period, and Eva Hibnick and other complainers would be wise to recognize this from the get-go.

Check out article and video from 6abc:
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  Erin O’Hearn and Heather Grubola

February 24, 2010 (WPVI) — Are more spouses cheating or are more of them just getting caught? Technology has certainly made the temptations more accessible, but it has also made those secret double lives harder to keep secret. So how do you catch a cheater?

"What I don’t get is why they are all so stupid," said divorce attorney Lynne Gold-Bikin. “There are just so many ways and so many trails.”

Gold-Bikin says if cheaters leave behind text messages, voice mails or e-mails they could all be fair game in divorce court, depending on how those messages were obtained.

But what about the more advanced technology people are using to spy on their significant others?

"It’s very simple now to become your own private investigator," said Spy Shop owner Scott Black.

Spy Shop is a store specializing in equipment only professionals used to have access to. For a few hundred dollars the store has a slew of hidden cameras that are disguised as everyday household items like alarm clocks or pens.

For about $120, you can buy a GPS tracker from Zoombak. The device can be programmed to track your spouse’s travels and even send you a text alert if they drive out of a zone determined by you!

Then there’s software called Spector Pro. Once it’s installed and turned on, you hit four hot keys and a window pops up and reveals a slideshow of everything the previous users did. The package runs about $130 and is advertised as undetectable.

Cheaters who think they’re smart delete those incriminating text messages from cell phones. But, Pamela King of BK Forensics says deleting just doesn’t do the trick anymore. The Bucks County based company uses software to retrieve deleted messages from cell phones.

"Any of the data that the cell phone can hold you can recover," King said.

King showed Action News how it worked, which you can view in the video above. She deleted a text message, then removed the sim card which is in the back of the phone, placed it in an adapter and then connected the adapter to a sim card reader. Then she connected the reader to the computer, after a few minutes, the entire log of the phones messages, both deleted and saved, were listed on the computer screen.

"It says that it’s a deleted message. The date and time the sender and the incriminating message," she explained.

You can purchase that software and the hardware needed for just under $150.

There is even the Cell Spy Pro, which is software you download to your phone that allows you to listen to live calls from your spouse’s phone, retrieve text messages and view photos all for under $100.

But Gold-Bikin warns in a quest to uncover incriminating evidence you may be incriminating yourself. She says to make sure you are familiar with the state’s laws regarding wiretapping and voice recording.

"Don’t break the law, what’s the point because you could get in equally as much trouble and so could your lawyer," Gold-Bikin said.

Personal Story of cheating girlfriend

This is good.  Almost funny….in hindsight.  I found a pair of men’s footprints on the passenger side of a girlfriend’s car.  On the inside of the glass.  She was immaculate when it came to her car.  It was always spotless.  So when I casually asked who had been in the car with her lately and she responded “No one” in a what was meant to be a very casual voice that was a little too high-pitched, I just looked at her.  She knew I knew.  I then pointed out that the seat was too far back for me.  She laughed and said I was being silly.  I then pulled a pair of panties out of my pocket that I had found between the passenger seat and the console.  “Oh, those…they must have fallen out of my gym bag after the gym.”  She always put her gym bag in the trunk.  What about the foot prints?  ”Oh, that…I just had the oil changed.”  What?  Maybe I was being silly.  Maybe, just maybe, the panties fell out of her gym bag, which this one time she placed on the passenger seat.  And I know she had the oil changed.  By a very close friend of hers whom I had never met, even though we were living together for a year at that point.  I didn’t know much about changing oil, but I knew it never involved lying back in the passenger seat with your feet up over the dashboard.  She kept insisting I was being silly and finally decided to introduce me her friend the mechanic several nights later.  To be fair, he was a nice guy.  But then there were the inconsistencies in his version of some stories she had told me over time.  Then there was the way they stole glances at each other when they thought I wasn’t looking.  And just as importantly, it was how uncomfortable she was with making eye contact with him most of the night.  She was just as uncomfortable with me touching her or otherwise showing any signs of affection.  Her ”friend” also looked uncomfortable.  He never looked angry, but rather sad at times.  OK, long story short.  My best friend at the time was her sister’s boyfriend.  He confirmed what I suspected several months later, which by then included one other guy that she had met while on vacation “with the girls.” She is now married to a yet another guy that I began to suspect (and of course I was being…what was the word she used?…Oh, yeah: silly). That’s another story (or two)… 

Signs of a cheating spouse

Signs are always obvious…in hindsight.  In the moment, everything can look like a sign.  It is difficult to be objective, so don’t rely on people that will obviously have a slanted perspective, such as your friend that just went through an ugly divorce and now hates all men.  Maybe your husband is working late.  Maybe your wife is around men all the time because her industry is heavily male-dominated. Maybe, just maybe, there really is a logical solution other than your spouse is cheating on you.

You’re only as faithful as your options.

Chris Rock, comedian

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